The Ultimate Fuel For Your Body!

  • Energy Boost for any sport or exercise
  • Endurance to help prevent "the crash" and push you past your limits
  • Electrolytes to support optimal hydration
  • ZERO Sugar or artificial sweeteners
  • Only 25 calories
  • Natural, gluten-free Ingredients
  • Much MORE, all in JUST ONE SCOOP!

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Maximize Your Power!

Athletes are always in search of a product that will provide optimal physical and mental energy, performance recovery, and meaningful, sustainable results. If you're looking for the best hardcore workout product to maximize your energy, your endurance, AND your recovery, there is nothing like E3 on the market!

NOW, for the FIRST TIME EVER, Skinny Body Care has combined some of the world's most powerful ingredients to create what we believe is the...

Ultimate Fuel for your body!

E3's proprietary formula combines Vitamins, Nutrients, Herbs, and Electrolytes to generate a boost to maximize your workout and help you achieve the best results possible.

How It Works


E3 is packed full with the vitamins and nutrients needed to achieve that powerful energy boost during your workout. E3's vitamins help to metabolize carbohydrates, allowing us to stay energized throughout the day. Naturally-sourced stimulants, in the form of Green Tea Extract and Guarana, aid in increasing the metabolic rate and energy expenditure. While many sports drinks rely on sugar for their energy supply, E3 contains ZERO sugar and ZERO artificial sweeteners.

A major key to an athlete's peak performance is enhancing their stamina in order to push past their normal limits. E3 utilizes maltodextrin as its sustainable energy, because it is more digestible than the common sugar sucrose, and more beneficial for endurance exercises or bodybuilding. The amino acids found in E3 help deliver oxygen to muscles and maintain healthy blood flow, which may improve the time to exhaustion and assist in decreasing muscle damage. Amino acids also encourage muscle contractility, which means more powerful workouts as muscles work harder, longer, and safer.

E3 helps replenish 4 of the most important electrolytes: Phosphorous, Magnesium, Sodium, and Potassium. These electrolytes help maintain body-fluid balance, aid in muscle contraction and cardiac performance, assist in preventing muscle fatigue, and support energy production and storage. Electrolytes also help fight dehydration and are essential to keep an athlete's body running smoothly.


E3 represents a new level of cutting edge science and revolutionary technology.

The first time you try it, you'll notice a difference - before, during, and after your workout. E3 was created with hardcore athletes in mind and their needs, including cardiovascular endurance, speed, agility, energy, intensity, and strength.
Simply add one scoop of E3 to 8 ounces of water. That's it!
Exclusively formulated using only the most natural ingredients, E3 is not only much safer for your body, but gives you true, clean energy and endurance to maximize your workout, your recovery, and your health!

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